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We who seek Adventure, may we find it not only in the far corners of the world but also in our own backyards. May all excitement and mystery be ever at our fingertips and never to our peril. We are those resilient spirits whose days are never darkened by the clouds. We are those with the ease of mind experienced only by the self reliant. We are The Rugged. We come seeking adventure.


A chance to get to know The Quality Mending Co. in NYC. Established in 2002 by Oliver Harkness, the vintage menswear shop with a nice line in own name goods opens its doors for this short film from Co.MISSION featuring employee David Kirby. For those curious to know more, a great interview from Denimhunters over here. Harkness talks about his friendship with Bobby from Boston, his love of denim and the ideas behind the store and its well chosen stock (check out that row of Big Boy Banks in the window). Lots of beautiful vintage to spot, press play.


(Source: whiskeygrade)

  • 26 April 2013
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